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I write about things as varied as pop culture, capitalism, politics, fashion, film, music, literature, writing, and grief.

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What Does Father’s Day Mean When I Was Only a Dad for 19 Days?

A piece for Mel Magazine about navigating my first Father's Day after losing my little girl.

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An Open Letter: I’m really sorry. I didn’t read that thing.

An evergreen open letter for Memorial Day or any other time you're sad.

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Some Advice for the Creative Writing Class of 2XXX – Doug Messel – Medium

Some evergreen advice for new creative writing majors who want to make money with their words.

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Kind of like Crash Davis

In the Fall of 2014, Indiana's Nevin Ashley received his Major League Baseball call-up, courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers. I wrote about my classmate and holding onto dreams.

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An obituary written for a childhood friend. Picked up by Extra Newsfeed after it was written.

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"How Far Would You Swim In The Ohio River?"

In 2010, Evansville, Indiana's News4U Magazine asked me to interview a woman who planned to swim the length of the Ohio River.

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Things About Parenthood No One Told Me Because We Didn’t Think My Daughter Would Die After Two…

Written shortly after the death of my daughter, I tried to publicly navigate the hard decisions that were suddenly necessary.

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Easter Weekend, 2017

On thinking about the Resurrection and being a little jealous of God.

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On the Subject of Reprehensible Kings of Campus

An examination of my own experiences with the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon as a college student at the University of Evansville.

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Father's Day, 2015

An essay written for Father's Day in 2015.

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The Board and Batten Basement Remodel That You Can Do, Too!

A how-to guide for spending your summer cheaply transforming your drab basement into a pleasant home office.

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Goodbye, Pollywog

The final entry for a short-lived parenting blog.

Rollingsisterhood article

Rolling Sisterhood: The Coolest Sorority in Town

In 2010, I was asked to interview a member of a roller derby team about their organization and practices.

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Can Someone Come to My House and Tell Me If My Daughter Lived a Good Life?

When a GOP Congressman said good health was an issue of morality, I invited him to my house to discuss.

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Charlotte James - Impatient Baby, Incompetent Cervix

Written as part of a short-lived parenting blog, this piece tells the story of how my wife lay in a hospital bed for five days trying to keep from giving birth.